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About Kabolobari

Kabolobari Benakole (k16e)

Kabolobari Benakole (k16e)

About Kabolobari: Product Designer

Hi, I'm Kabolobari. I'm a product and brand designer, copywriter, programmer and developer from Nigeria; currently based in Lagos.

Competencies: From conception to launch

I help companies through the worthy process of getting a product into the hands of delighted users. My competencies cover all activities from conception, strategy, design, to development and launch of product.

My Expertise in Product Design

  • Product Strategy

    I help executives and stakeholders define a product strategy to achieve business objectives.

  • User Research

    I help to uncover new insights from users to influence product and design decisions, including product innovation.

  • User Experience

    I help build solid product structures with the key activities of information architecture and navigation design.

  • Copywriting

    I write persuasively for the product, the brand (or brands), app interfaces, product papers, and sales copies.

  • Brand Design

    I concoct winning identities for product, product features, and/or service and guide graphic designers to produce them.

  • Programming

    I craft performant JavaScript programs wrapped around semantic HTML and CSS for delightful interfaces and features.

At my core: I am obsessed

I am so obsessed about details that I’m often hated for it, but loved almost equally, or I don’t know. But, you know what, the trait’s calcified, which is a good thing. Look, that I live entirely in pursuit of making beautiful things and/or making things beautiful makes me a worthy human being and buddy to have around. So?

It means uncanny insight. It means brutal discipline. It means high standards. But it also means calm, because it’s the truth - it doesn’t quite thrive in noise.

In truth’s quietude I’ve chosen to do everything.

Let's talk: Think we can be a good fit?

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