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About Kabolobari

Kabolobari Benakole (k16e)

Kabolobari Benakole (k16e)

About Kabolobari: Product Designer

Hi, I'm Kabolobari. I'm a product and brand designer, copywriter, programmer and developer from Nigeria; currently based in Lagos.

Competencies: From conception to launch

I help companies through the worthy process of getting a product into the hands of delighted users. My competencies cover all activities from conception, strategy, design, to development and launch.

I encourage you to study my Work page to see details of the roles I’ve played leading teams, products, and companies to success. I’ve also succinctly summarized this website into a single-page CV.

See how to contact me here.

At my core: I am obsessed

I am so obsessed about details that I’m often hated for it, but loved almost equally, or I don’t know. But, you know what, the trait’s calcified, which is a good thing. Look, that I live entirely in pursuit of making beautiful things and/or making things beautiful makes me a worthy human being and buddy to have around. So?

It means uncanny insight. It means brutal discipline. It means high standards. But it also means calm, because it’s the truth - it doesn’t quite thrive in noise. And it is in truth’s quietude I’ve chosen to do all my work. This bit of detail, being perhaps my biggest DNA, perhaps what may best explain my chosen line of work, bears my telling here. So I told.

Let's talk: Think we can be a good fit?

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