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My Work

Kabolobari Benakole (k16e)

Kabolobari Benakole (k16e)

My Work: People have goals.

My work thrives in the success of teams, of products, and of companies. I ensure that users' (say, people's) goals align with the business's and are met.

5+ years of Experience

I have 5+ years of experience in product strategy, user research, user experience design, copywriting, branding (or identity design), and software development.

My Expertise in Product Design

  • Product Strategy

    I help executives and stakeholders define a product strategy to achieve business objectives.

  • User Research

    I help to uncover new insights from users to influence product and design decisions, including product innovation.

  • User Experience

    I help build solid product structures with the key activities of information architecture and navigation design.

  • Copywriting

    I write persuasively for the product, the brand (or brands), app interfaces, product papers, and sales copies.

  • Identity Design

    I concoct winning identities for product, product features, and/or service and guide graphic designers to produce them.

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